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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Top Busiest Bus Stop in Lagos

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa. While Lagos is the commercial center of Nigeria.
Lagos is also the most busy state in Africa making it the fifth largest economy in Africa.

The transport system in Lagos lays much emphasis on road system with little emphasis on rail and water transport system.
We want to take a look at the most busy bus stops in Lagos.

1 Oshodi:
Oshodi is the busiest bus stop in Lagos, it is also the most popular bustop in Lagos. It is also like the center of Lagos. You can easily get bus to Island and other part of Lagos. It is located at Oshodi-Isolo local government. The NURTW union they is also strong and vibrant. It is also the bustop of Mc Oluomo the popular national leader.

2 Ojota: Ojota is the most popular bus stop when it comes to bus coming and going outside Lagos. It also include bus going within Lagos.

3 Obalende: It is the most popular bus stop at Lagos island, so if you think of going anywhere at Island enter Obalende first and your journey is on the half way.

4 Sango:
This is the biggest bus stop at the outskirt of Lagos. It is the largest close to ogun state. But not the most used border to enter Lagos State. Begger bus stop is used to enter the state more often but at sango most people working in Lagos leave at this area. 

Others include:

5 Mile 2
6 Mile 12
7 Ikorodu
8 Iyan Iba
9 Agege
10 Abute Meta
11 Ido
12 Idumota

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