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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Musicians Versus Bloggers Silent Noisy War.

For long they have been a silent war or dispute between bloggers and Musicians in Nigeria. 

The silent war in the sense that the community don't really take note of this disputes. It is also a noisy war because we read about this disputes or listen to song about this Dispute coupled with the fact that bloggers and Musicians are one of the most popular people in the country and world.

We have many cases were bloggers blast musicians and songs on their blog and also many cases were musicians blast bloggers and blogs in their song.

The fact is that every body has a good, bad and ugly side of him or her either you are a celebrity or not. For celebrities, their case is different because every body wants to know the good, bad and ugly side of them. The duty to publicise the every affairs of celebrity either rumor or not, bad or good, public or private is left to the  bloggers. When things go wrong for musicians they take it up and express it in their songs.
Nevertheless some bloggers do not take their time to confirm  some stories. What most bloggers care about is generating headlines that will trend even if it is true or false because that is were they make their money from.
We now throw this question to people outside, how best do they think issues like this can be resolved? because it may lead to unhealthy rivalry and many more atrocities.