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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

5 Steps to Being More Photogenic

For some people, having a photograph taken is easier than it is for others. Some people are just naturally more photogenic than others, meaning that pictures come out better in the end. How photogenic a person is has nothing to do with their level of beauty, but their pose in front of the camera, as well as their reaction to having their photograph taken.

For those who are interested in being more photogenic, take heed of the following five tips on being more photogenic.

1. Naturally, men and women are inclined to stand differently. When having your picture taken, shift your weight to one foot or one buttock (if seated) as much as possible without looking like you are collapsing to one side. This looks more natural and relaxed than standing or sitting straight up like a soldier.
2. Lean slightly inward, toward the camera. This looks more natural than leaning back or sitting straight up and makes you look more relaxed and comfortable. The more comfortable you look, the better the end result photograph is bound to be.
3. Learn to ‘change your state.’ In the model world, they call this a trigger. Sure, you don’t want to have your picture taken and are worried about the end result but don’t let that show up on the camera. Make it look like you have been doing this for years. Just let go of the nervousness in your head and picture yourself as America’s Next Top Model.
4. Learn the infamous ¾ smile. Breathe in and smile genuinely, as if you just had a nice thought. Big smiles are great, but they don’t always come out well in pictures. Some people like the serious look, which works for many but more often than not you will come out looking depressed or angry.
5. Don’t look at the camera lens. Repeat: Do NOT look at the camera lens. This is especially important if you are taking a picture for your online dating profile. This makes people look startled or as if they are trying too hard. Look slightly above the camera lens. Many photographers will have some type of marker atop the lens so that subjects will remember not to look directly at it. Try one picture looking at the camera and one looking just above it, and see the difference.
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Looking good for pictures isn’t always going to be easy. Armed with this information, you just can’t lose. Go forth into your next photo shoot feeling prepared, ready to take the best pictures of your life.