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Friday, 13 January 2017

Zimbabwean Pastor Sells 'Anointed Umbrellas' To Members For N5000 Each (Pics)

This happened in Zimbabwe. Several congregants at Goodness and Mercy Ministries had to part with US$10 (bout N5000) each to buy what were termed anointed umbrellas.

The umbrellas, the church leader Prophet Freddy said, had divine powers to protect owners from lightning strikes and storms during this rainy season.
The umbrellas were also said to have the ability to protect congregants from evil spirits.

“God instructed me to pray for these umbrellas and there will be no member of this church who will buy the umbrella and get struck by lightning or will be tormented by demons.
“2017 is a year of overtaking and this year we shall overtake if you have faith, God will use these umbrellas to perform miracles, signs and wonders,”
said prophet Freddy.

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