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Friday, 6 January 2017

Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooter Identified As Esteban Santiago

Florida Senator Bill Nelson told US media that the gunman has been identified as Esteban Santiago, but that has not been confirmed by law enforcement.

A witness told NBC News the gunman was shot by police less than a minute after the shooting began.
"He was gunned down by police," Mark Lea from Minneapolis told the network. "It was absolutely surreal."
"People were scared and frantically running to avoid being shot. People were tripping over each other. They were trying to make a fast exit out of the door."

Florida Governor Rick Scott is travelling to the airport to be briefed by police.
President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that he is "monitoring the terrible situation in Florida" and that he has spoken to the Florida governor.
"Thoughts and prayers for all. Stay safe!" he added.